Thanet Model Flying Club

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                                                                                                                           CLUB RULES



1. The times of flying are 9am – 7pm, except Sundays and Bank Holidays when it is 10am – 6pm. (13.1)


2.             If flying on 35mhz use peg board, we use marker on to indicate frequency in use. Your frequency marker should have your name on it so that you can be

                identified. Take the marker off when you have finished. (13.7)


3. When taking off, make sure those flying know you are there by asking ‘OK to take off’. Wait for confirmation from those flying. When landing, call ‘Landing’ in

                  the same way. A dead stick landing takes priority. Call ‘Dead stick’. Aircraft landing also take priority over those taking off. When retrieving a model from the

                patch call ‘On the patch’ and make sure it is safe. When clear of the patch call ‘All clear’. (13.16,13.17,13.18,13.19,13.20,)


4. Pilots should always fly from the flight lines laid out and not from any other areas of the strip. (13.14)


5.   .  When flying please keep the flight line within the field in front of the pilots box. (13.14)


6. If the model lands in the crops, try to minimise any damage when retrieving it. (13.14)


7. Do not fly over the pits or car park area. Do not taxi your aircraft in or out of the pits. (13.12)


8. Models that are excessively noisy will be tested and may not be allowed to fly until they are at or below 82db. Testing will be carried out as the BMFA

                  handbook. (13.8)


9. All pilots must use the BMFA rule book and be insured by the BMFA. (2.7,2.8)


10. Gas turbines are not allowed following a request from the landlord. (1.4)


11. New members and trainees must be passed fit to fly solo by at least two members. (13.5,13.6)


12. Non competent Flyers must always be supervised (buddied) by a recognised club instructor. The only system recognised by the club is the ‘buddy lead’ or an

                  approved ‘wireless’ buddy system. (13.5)


13. Junior members (under 18) must be accompanied by an adult who accepts responsibility for them. (13.2,14.1)


14. Please take your rubbish with you. (13.28)